CHARLES DEMETROPOULOS Building Boston ca. 1970 - x +

CN: DeCh1970bost

MT: watercolor on paper, glazed in original frame (24x72 / F:51x97x3)

TX: signed with fountain pen at upper right <ChDemetropoulos>, printed on label mounted at rear upper center <THE FENWAY ART CENTER / OPPOSITE PRUDENTIAL CENTER / 50 GLOUCESTER STREET / VOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 02115 / (617) 536-0127 / GIRAGOS DER GARABEDIAN / RICHARD DER GARABEDIAN>

DN: Mr. Yiannis Contos in memory of his father, Nicholas Contos 2008

LC: ACG - Office of Dean of Arts & Sciences

CM: Building Boston is a particularly beautiful watercolor painting by Charles Demetropoulos. The painter has inscribed the names on a cluster of buildings on the picture's left side that are recognizable, such as the Northeastern University, YMCA, Sheraton, Prudential Tower, while the second Sheraton Tower in the making presides at the center. Writing appears yet once more on the picture's far right in the case of a classical Marlboro billboard. The painter achieves to create a great sense of depth by juxtaposing objects that are near, such as the electricity pole on the right with buildings lost in the atmospheric perspective of the distance, especially in the picture's center and right side. It is worth noting that the great spectrum of colors found on the cars peopling the picture's lower zone is echoed by the equally busy frieze of sky above. ACG President John S. Bailey thought it is very appropriate for his long-time friend, Charles Dimitropoulos, to be remembered in perpetuity with Building Boston in the country of his parents' birth.

[Megakles Rogakos 08/2008]