MARIA MYLONA KYRIAKIDI Networks 2002 - x +

CN: MyKy2002netw

MT: spray and oil on canvas (100x100)

TX: signed at lower right in English <MMylonaKyriakidi 02>, inscribed with felt pen at rear upper center <2002 Networks. Spray paint and oil paint>

IL: Efi Strousa 2004, p.10

DN: Ms. Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi - 2008

LC: ACG - John S. Bailey Library, Disability Office, #302

CM: The idea of Networks came to Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi in some coastal part of Greece when she saw the fishermen mending their nets at the time the falling sun was making their shadows grow. She liked the way light transforms the weaving lines of nets. Gradually she began to notice such other manifestations of nets as appear on football posts and in knitted hammocks. Subsequently she collect ed various nets in order to study them and eventually she began using them in her work. In one of her first Networks she used a net that wrapped meat. In another instance she used a ventilation grid. Beyond their mundane dimension the concept of the net is pervasive in the world in the form of the internet. As such the network refers to the complex relationship between people and the crossreference of information. § The latest series of Mylona-Kyriakidi entitled Networks concern the varied structure of nets. The artist explored all forms of weaving based on the logic of netting. She executed the works by the technique of imprinting the material directly on the surface of the canvas. Thus she managed to obtain a realistic view of netting and its complex ramifications. The Networks of the present work are painted over a pre-existing picture in the form of a palimpsest. Then she added the imprint of a structure that incorporated a piece of iron woven with another net. She used the same mold in other parts of the canvas. The prevailing yellow color evokes the strong quality of direct sunlight. The composition resulted spontaneously. She joined various segment of nets in a square composition. The work's square shape becomes especially such geometrical composition.

[Megakles Rogakos 10/2008]

STROUSA, EFI Maria Mylona-Kyriakidi: Networks 2004 Athens Art Gallery, Athens